Re-staged photograph from the project. Inkjet print, 16" x 16"

The Inspection Stations Project

From 1988 to 2001, groups of Russian weapons inspectors were stationed at the Hercules Aerospace plant in Magna, Utah. After the inspectors left, their guardhouses were removed from the plant and transported to Wendover, Utah. They now stand empty and deprived of their original context, forlorn Soviet islands in the Utah salt desert. Despite a factually lucid history behind the stations, I grew fascinated by the specifics which slipped outside that history’s scope. The details of Soviet design, and the opaque specificity of found images served me as entry points into a history that reads instead like a parallel universe.

This project is the result of a residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s facility in Wendover, Utah. Special thanks to the Center and to Jim Peterson of the Historic Wendover Airfield for their help in realizing the project and in obtaining access to the Inspection Stations. All historical images are used by permission of the Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.