Where the Artists Are at the Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University

This January, I will be participating in Where the Artists Are, a three-person faculty exhibition at Drexel's Pearlstein Gallery, with Anda Dubinskis and Mark Stockton. I'm excited to present a survey of works from 2011 to the present, along with a series of sketch and prototype objects from my studio practice. 

From the gallery's website:

Exhibition Dates:
January 16 – March 18
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 18 5-7pm

By examining several years of each artists’ work the show will explore the intellectual and technical characteristics that distinguish their daily working routines; what draws them into in their studios, excites them, and keeps them there. Studio work is how artists spend their days. This show looks at three artists and how their experiments, frustrations, discoveries and digressions eventually grow into cohesive bodies of work. 


Above:  Centennial (American Still Life) , one of the works in the exhibition. 

Above: Centennial (American Still Life), one of the works in the exhibition. 

Lewis Colburn